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Creating a Curriculum Inspired by the Eightfold Path: A Guide for African American Families

Presented by Lotus Templar Inc's Buddhist Homeschool Co-operative

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In the rich tapestry of African-American culture, values of resilience, community, spirituality, and education are deeply interwoven. Merging these values with the profound teachings of Buddhism can result in an enlightening and empowering homeschooling experience. Here, we delve into crafting a curriculum inspired by the Eightfold Path tailored for African-American families.

Understanding the Eightfold Path

Before we delve into the curriculum, let's revisit the core of the Eightfold Path: Right Understanding, Right Intention, Right Speech, Right Action, Right Livelihood, Right Effort, Right Mindfulness, and Right Concentration. This path is a guiding principle in Buddhism, teaching us to lead a balanced and moral life while cultivating wisdom and mindfulness.

1. Right Understanding: History & Cultural Studies

Incorporate African and African American history, ensuring children understand their roots, the struggles faced by their ancestors, and the triumphs achieved. Compare these with the teachings of Buddha to show the universal nature of challenges and spiritual victories.

2. Right Intention: Ethics & Morality

Discuss the power of intention and motivation. Incorporate stories from African-American leaders who had strong intentions to fight for justice and equality. Also, delve into the moral teachings of Buddha to build a strong ethical foundation.

3. Right Speech: Language & Communication

Develop strong communication skills by studying the powerful words of African-American poets and writers. Introduce lessons on how the Buddha emphasized kind and truthful speech.

4. Right Action: Social Justice & Community Service

Highlight the importance of taking the right actions for the betterment of society. Dive into the Civil Rights Movement, discussing the actions taken by leaders, and encourage community service as a practical application.

5. Right Livelihood: Career Guidance & Vocational Skills

Discuss choosing professions that not only ensure financial stability but also contribute positively to society. Share stories of African-American entrepreneurs and professionals.

6. Right Effort: Discipline & Focus in Studies

Using examples of successful African Americans, instill the importance of perseverance, focus, and effort in every endeavor, especially in academic pursuits.

7. Right Mindfulness: Mental Health & Well-being

Introduce mindfulness practices and their importance in mental health. Discuss the challenges faced by African Americans regarding mental health and the therapeutic power of mindfulness.

8. Right Concentration: Meditation & Spiritual Development

Teach basic meditation techniques, emphasizing the importance of spiritual growth. Incorporate African spirituality and Buddhist teachings to give a holistic spiritual education.


Blending the teachings of the Eightfold Path with the rich heritage of African-American culture results in a curriculum that is spiritually enlightening and culturally empowering. With the right resources and approach, homeschooling can be a transformative journey for our children, rooted in wisdom, history, and love.

At Lotus Templar Inc.'s Buddhist Homeschool Co-operative, we believe in bridging diverse cultures with the timeless teachings of Buddha, providing families with the tools to educate, empower, and enlighten.

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