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Healthy Food


Lotus Templars have their meals before mid-day, to honor the Code of Monastic Discipline (Vinaya) and to show commitment and dedication to the Theravada Tradition. In honoring, traditions consumption of meals is 9.30 am or 11 am (with the exception of Sundays, when the Sangha has their meal only at 11 am together).

The Kitchen prepares food for Lunch Meal Offering at 11 am while visitors can offer their food at both times to the church should they have missed the opportunity to give during alms-round.

The variations in the kinds of food offered during mealtimes are in keeping with the meal habits of the Buddha and his monk disciples, who refrain from taking solid food and milk foods after mid-day. Suggested types of food to offer can be nutritious foods ranging from staple grains, main dishes, fruits, drinks, etc.

Simple food preparation (exclusive of cooking) can be made in the Kitchen before the meal offerings commence. As a guide, it is recommended to have food ready at least 15 minutes before the offering begins. In other words:

9.15 am Food to be placed at long tables in the Kitchen

10.45 am Food is to be placed at a round marble table in Dining Hall, except for Sundays

At 9.30 am and 11 am, the laity will gather at the Dining Hall to formally offer the meals as a dedication to the Buddha and his bhikkhus. It is also during this time one will accept the meals and give blessings for the sharing of merits to departed relatives. It is recommended that meals are eaten in privacy and in silence if one is eating alone. If eating in a group silence is recommended. 

On Sundays, recitation of Three Refuges and Five Precepts are performed at 11 am before the meal is offered.

When offering to a neighbor place your food on the table that has been set up at the entrance of the dining hall or entrance to the home.

When at the temple volunteers will help to prepare the food. Please arrive at least 30mins before the meal in order for the volunteers to have sufficient time to place the food on the table.  Thirty minutes should also be given when making an offer to a neighbor.  

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