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Ministerial Duties For Lotus Templar Inc. Theravada Buddhist Church 

1. Spiritual Leadership: 

  • Conduct daily rituals, prayers, and meditations in adherence to the teachings and traditions of the church.

  • Guide congregational members in their spiritual journey, helping them understand and practice the teachings of Buddhism.

2. Cememonial Responsibilities:

  • Preside over special ceremonies like weddings, funerals, and initiations.

  • Lead seasonal and annual Buddhist festivals and celebrations, such as Vesak.

3. Teaching and Instruction:

  • Offer Dharma talks and sermons to enlighten the community.

  • Conduct classes on Buddhist scriptures, meditation techniques, and ethics for both adults and children.

4. Counseling and Pastoral Care:

  • Provide spiritual counseling to members facing challenges in life, utilizing Buddhist teachings as a foundation for advice and comfort.

  • Attend to the sick and the elderly, offering prayers, support, and guidance.

5. Community Engagement:

  • Represent the church at interfaith events, promoting understanding and harmony among various religious groups.

  • Engage in community service projects to embody the Buddhist values of compassion and altruism.

6. Administrative Duties:

  • Collaborate with temple administrators to ensure the smooth operation of church facilities and programs.

  • Help in fundraising activities and ensure proper utilization of donations for the development of the church and its charitable endeavors.

7. Meditation Retreats:

  • Organize and lead meditation retreats for members and interested individuals, facilitating deeper spiritual experiences.

8. Scholarly Pursuits:

  • Engage in continuous study and reflection to deepen personal understanding and stay updated with contemporary Buddhist scholarship.

  • Write articles or books to share insights and knowledge with a broader audience.

9. Outreach and Expansion:

  • Work on initiatives to attract new members to the church and introduce them to Buddhist teachings.

  • Collaborate with other Buddhist churches or organizations for joint events and programs.

10. Maintenance of Temple Sanctity:

  • Ensure that the temple premises are maintained as a space of peace, reverence, and spirituality.

  • Guide members and visitors on the appropriate conduct within temple grounds.

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