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Make a Difference Today!

The Buddha taught us three ways to make merit, which enables us to live happy, blessed, and fulfilled lives. They are the three grounds for meritorious action—generosity (dāna), moral precepts (sīla), and meditation (bhāvanā)—whereby dāna is also the first of the ten pāramī and one of the seven treasures.

Lotus Templar has included electronic channels for your convenience to facilitate the wholesome practice of dāna and to support our community and charitable activities.

Your generous donation will help defray the temple's operating expenses and go a long way in supporting the propagation of the Dhamma. Sādhu anumodanā.

Ways to Donate
1. PayPal
a. Scan the QR Code with your compatible bank app.
b. Ensure the recipient.
c. Key in and press “enter.”

Account Name: Lotus Templar

Cross the check and make it payable with your Name and Contact Number at the back. Send it to:
Lotus Templar 
347 Felt Drive 31419

Designated donation boxes are available at the temple. You may also approach the office for assistance.


  • All monetary donations to Lotus Templar are voluntary.

  • Lotus Templar is a 501c3 tax-exempt nonprofit authorized to issue tax-deductible receipts to donors. 

  • Lotus Templar has not authorized anyone to solicit donations on its behalf.

Thanks for submitting! 

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