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SUUA FRG: Dharmic Exchange Program

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Shaviance Dor
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At the heart of our community, Lotus Templar Buddhist Church fosters spiritual growth, connection, and mutual aid through the Dharma Exchange Program. This initiative is designed to promote health, abundance, and well-being among our congregants.

  • Meditative training, spiritual counseling, mindfulness classes.

  • Health check-ups, nutritional counseling, mental health sessions.

  • Personal training, yoga classes, organized sports.

  • Meal preparation, cooking classes, diet planning.

  • Gardening, home repair, cleaning, interior decoration advice.

  • Relationship counseling, conflict resolution, communication workshops.

  • Event planning, community gatherings, social clubs.

  • Entertainment events, hobby classes, organized outings.

  • Art classes, writing workshops, music lessons.

  • Financial planning, budgeting workshops, investment seminars.

  • Career counseling, resume workshops, job search assistance.

  • Tutoring, study groups, language classes, lifelong learning programs.

As a member of the Dharma Exchange Program, you subscribe to each other for services, providing and receiving aid in a harmonious cycle. You pay your dues to the church, submit work orders, and we connect you with the service provider from our community. This gives you access to a wide range of services while providing a predictable income for service providers.

Dues are a key aspect of our program, facilitating equitable exchange and supporting our church's operations. Payment methods, schedules, and uses of the dues are clearly communicated and regularly reviewed to maintain the health and functionality of the program.

Become a part of the Family Readiness Dharma Exchange Program today and experience the joy of giving and receiving, the mutual support, and the sense of community it fosters. Together, we can create an environment of abundance, well-being, and spiritual growth.


Welcome to the group! You can connect with other members, ge...
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