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Membership Forms: 

Volunteer and Community Involvement:

  • Volunteer Registration Form

  • Community Volunteer Approval Form (for members wishing to volunteer locally under the church's name)

  • Event or Workshop Proposal Form (for members wishing to host/organize events)

Event and Program Registration:

  • Special Event Registration (retreats, seminars, etc.)

  • Meditation Session Signup

  • Workshop Enrollment Form

  • Youth Program Registration

Feedback and Survey Forms:

  • Event Feedback Form

  • General Feedback/Suggestion Form

  • Dharma Talk Feedback


Resource Request and Booking:

  • Facility Booking Request (for members who wish to use church facilities for personal events, such as weddings or funerals)

  • Dharma Material Request (for scriptures, books, etc.)

Donation and Financial:

  • Online Donation Form

  • Pledge Form (for those committing to regular donations)

Education and Study Group:

  • Dharma Study Group Signup

  • Buddhist Education Course Enrollment

Communication and Updates:

  • Newsletter Signup

  • Prayer Request Form

  • Special Announcement Submission (for members who wish to share news with the community)

Administrative and Miscellaneous :

  • Contact Form (general inquiries)

  • Change of Address/Contact Details Form

  • Facility Maintenance Request (for any issues or repairs noticed by members)

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