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SUUA FRG: Dharmic Exchange Program 

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Experience the power of mutual support and abundance with Lotus Templar Inc's innovative program. Here's what makes it great:

  1. Community Connection: Join a vibrant community where members subscribe to each other for services, creating a network of support and collaboration.

  2. Predictable Income: Benefit from predictable dues that ensure financial stability while meeting your everyday needs.

  3. Diverse Services: Access a wide range of services, including spirituality, health, cooking, relationships, creativity, and more.

  4. Equitable and Affordable: Enjoy a fair and affordable system that promotes equality and inclusivity for all members.

  5. Reliable Service Providers: Our trusted network of service providers ensures top-notch assistance for your needs.

  6. Abundance Mindset: Embrace an abundance mindset and experience the joy of giving and receiving within a supportive community.


Join the SUUA FRG: Dharmic Exchange Program and unlock a world of support, abundance, and well-being. Book your spot now and embark on a transformative journey of mutual assistance and fellowship. Together, we can thrive and live a life of abundance!

What is it? 

We are excited to introduce to you the SUUA FRG Dharmic Exchange Program, a community support initiative aimed at fostering mutual assistance and fellowship within our congregation. This program is designed to facilitate the exchange of services and skills among our members, with the goal of building stronger connections and supporting each other on our spiritual journeys. Purpose: The Dharmic Exchange Program aims to create a platform where members can offer their skills, services, and resources to support one another in a spirit of generosity, compassion, and mutual assistance. It is not intended to be a professional service marketplace but rather a way for us to come together as a community and help each other in various aspects of our lives. Benefits: By participating in the Dharmic Exchange Program, you will have access to a diverse range of talents, expertise, and support within our congregation. Here are some key benefits: Skill Exchange: You can offer your skills and services to others while also receiving assistance in areas where you may need support. Community Building: The program promotes a sense of community and connectedness, fostering deeper relationships and friendships within our congregation. Cost Savings: By utilizing the skills and services of fellow members, you can reduce expenses and benefit from cost-effective solutions. Spiritual Growth: Engaging in acts of service and supporting others aligns with our shared spiritual values, allowing for personal and collective growth. How it works: To participate in the Dharmic Exchange Program, follow these steps: Sign up: Express your interest in joining the program by registering through our online platform or contacting the program coordinator. Offer and Request: Share the skills, services, or resources you are willing to offer to others and also let us know areas where you would appreciate assistance. Connect and Arrange: Connect with fellow members who can provide the help you need or offer your assistance to those seeking your skills. Communicate and arrange the specifics of the exchange. Give and Receive: Engage in the exchange, providing support to others while receiving the assistance you require. Transparency about dues: To ensure the smooth operation and administration of the Dharmic Exchange Program, we kindly request a nominal annual due of $200 per participating household. These dues will be used to cover program coordination, maintenance of the online platform, and organizing community-building events related to the program. Please note that the dues are not meant to create financial barriers but rather to sustain and enhance the program for the benefit of all participants. If the dues pose a hardship, please reach out to the program coordinator, and we will work with you to find a suitable arrangement. Let us remember that the Dharmic Exchange Program is a reflection of our shared commitment to supporting each other on our spiritual paths. It is an opportunity to embody the principles of generosity, compassion, and interconnectedness that are at the core of our faith. We encourage you to explore this program, engage in the spirit of giving and receiving, and help create a vibrant and supportive community within our congregation. If you have any questions or would like to join the SUUA FRG Dharmic Exchange Program, please reach out to the program coordinator or visit our website for more information. May this program strengthen our bonds, deepen our connections, and enrich our spiritual journey together.

Embracing Buddhist Unity: Let's Collaborate and Thrive Together

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