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Offerings represent physical expressions of respect and gratitude to the Triple Gem—the Lord Buddha as our teacher, the Dhamma which is the Buddha’s teachings and the truth of the way things are, and the Sangha, the community of practitioners.

Offering of Light

Candles or other lights are lit to symbolise the light of Dhamma which one should find in one’s own heart. In other words, it represents the ability to see the nature of mind and body as one trains oneself in the Path taught by the Lord Buddha.

Offering of Incense

Incense, having a good smell, reminds us that our reputation for strict adherence to good moral conduct will spread far and wide just as the good smell of incense can be carried a long distance by the wind.

Offering of Flowers

The offering of flowers is used as an object for the contemplation of the body’s impermanence and to remind practitioners not to be deluded by our bodies and other material objects.

More information on making Buddhist offerings may be found here.

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