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Church Dues

Lotus Templar Inc. is a registered 501(c)(3) tax exempt nonprofit organization dedicated to serving our community and promoting spiritual well-being. As part of our commitment to fostering a supportive and interconnected community, our church dues include the Dharmic Exchange Program.

The Dharmic Exchange Program is a unique initiative that enables members to engage in a reciprocal system of service exchange. Through this program, members can request and offer various services within the community, creating a network of support and mutual assistance. Whether it's assistance with household chores, tutoring, gardening, or any other skill or service, the Dharmic Exchange Program allows members to leverage their talents and resources to help one another.

By including the Dharmic Exchange Program in our church dues, we provide members with a valuable opportunity to actively participate in the community and contribute their skills and expertise. These dues help cover the administrative costs, technology infrastructure, and coordination efforts required to facilitate the Dharmic Exchange Program effectively.

Not only does the Dharmic Exchange Program foster a sense of unity and shared responsibility among our members, but it also promotes the core Buddhist principles of compassion, generosity, and interdependence. It creates an environment where individuals can support and uplift one another, fostering a stronger and more connected community.

By paying dues, members actively participate in the financial well-being of the church and enable us to continue offering spiritual guidance, education, and support to our community. Additionally, paying dues fosters a sense of shared responsibility and ownership within the congregation, creating a strong and sustainable foundation for our church's growth and development.


We are grateful for the ongoing support and generosity of our members through their dues, as it allows us to fulfill our mission of nurturing the spiritual well-being and growth of our community.

How are dues calculated and when are they due?

Dues for Lotus Templar Inc. are calculated based on a predetermined system to ensure fairness and sustainability for the organization and its members. The specific calculation method may vary depending on the guidelines set by the church leadership, but typically it takes into account factors such as membership type, income level, or a fixed fee for all members. The exact amount of dues is determined by considering the financial needs of the organization, including operational costs, programs, services, and any ongoing projects. It is important to strike a balance between making dues affordable for members while generating adequate revenue to support the church's activities. As for the due date, it is typically communicated to members in advance and can vary depending on the church's specific policies and financial calendar. Common practices include monthly, quarterly, or annual dues payments. The due date allows for efficient financial management and helps ensure the church's sustainability by maintaining a predictable and consistent income stream. It is essential for Lotus Templar Inc. to provide clear communication regarding the calculation method, amount, and due date of dues to its members. This transparency promotes understanding and encourages timely payments, allowing the church to continue its operations, programs, and services effectively for the benefit of the congregation.

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